Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas - An occasion of reconciliation

Fr. George Varhese Vayaliparambil

Jesus, by his incarnation abridges the infinite distance in between the sinful man and the Holy Father.

Christmas is the day for praise.On the Christmas day the angels of the Lord praised our Lord with Halleluiah.

Christmas is the season for giving gifts.The wise and the shepherds offered gift to the baby in the manger.

Christmas is the moment to express love.Joseph expressed his love to the baby and his mother in the manger as a protector.

Christmas is the time for offering lifeSt Mary offered the fruit her life (The bread of life – Incarnated son of God) to the world in Beth’lahem.

Christmas is time to rejoice.The birds, animals and nature rejoiced in the birth of Jesus Christ.

Beloved in ChristLet us make this day as the moment for reconciliation with God and our fellow being.

Let us praise the Lord Almighty with the Angels.

Let us give our life to spread the Word of God, and let it be the precious gift to the Lord on this season.

Let us express our love to the fellow being and be the protector of the needy in the world as we express our love to the Lord.

Let us share our life to the world to give life as our Mother Mary did.

Let us make this occasion to rejoice by looking around us with the nature.

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through!