Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Alas! My Guru departed from me...

He was in all the way a guru, one who removes the darkness from his disciple. He was a light for us in all our paths.

My Guru was not a man with some divine qualities, but he was a divine man with some human qualities. In his Character there is nothing to loose, in his skills there is nothing vain. My Guru was really a saint.

He was the one truly followed his saintly teachers. Among his two teachers one was a man of Holiness and a Jewel of Good Conduct (Yacoob Mor Themothiose) and another was a harp of Holy Spirit (Perumbillil Geevarghese Mor Gregoriose). I can see them in my Guru. He is a facade of his gurus.

Though he was a married priest he was even a model for the celibate priests. During my seminary life more than the liturgy, I learned from my Guru that how one can be a holy man? How a priest could imitate Our Loving God in thoughts words and actions.

I could see a spiritually matured man in my Guru. I never heard a single word from my guru that accusing, or criticizing others. He never judged anyone. I remember that once when I said against Vattassery Thirumeni in presence of my Guru, he said me “shemmashan let us use our life for the glory of God than criticizing others”.

My guru taught me how to celebrate Holy Eucharist in purity of Body, Mind and Spirit. My guru he was against the publicity, He told me that we don’t record the Holy Qurbono, we don’t sell it and we don’t exhibit it in anywhere, because it is mystery.

My guru loved me like a father, he cared me like an angel, and he protected me like a soldier in all the way of my life. My Guru he is the one who promoted me to learn Syriac language and liturgy more. He forced me to go for higher studies about Syriac culture and Syriac Christian faith in Thurabdeen. He wrote to the bishop of Gabriel Dayara recommending me to study there and gave it to me to send it to the bishop there, but I never did that because in that I was able to feel how much he loved me and cared for me; how as a Guru, he respected the skills of his disciples. I saw the heart of my Guru in that letter. There is nothing in the world that can make me happier than that letter. The spirit of my guru is with me and his prayers helps me to achieve his wish about his disciple.

Once when I visited my Guru’s home, I could experience that it was a paradise filled with divine love. He is blessed with a loving and caring wife and sweet and obedient kids. The happiest memory of my life with my guru was when he,like a loving father beside his child, sat beside me, took food by his hand and started feeding me.Accepting the fact that my guru is away from me pains me like a strong dagger in my chest. He was a true faithful of God. He believed in Jesus Christ. He believed that God creates out of nothing and gives life to the dead.My Lord! We, the children of our ever loving teacher pray to you. Lord, as you promised, be kind to the soul of our Guru who bears you, who witnessed you.Oh! Our loving, holy father and great master! You deserve the reward that is kept for the true servants. Go in peace and pray for us sinners.

On behalf of the students of Rev. Fr Cherian Kottayil, I extend my heart felt condolences to his bereaved family.

Thoughts bring out words...
Words create actions...
Actions become habits...
Habits nurture character..
Character decides destiny...
Always have clean thoughts...


Fr George Varghese Vayaliparambil


Vineeth John Abraham said...

My Prayful condolences too. Even though i didnt get a chance to meet him personally, i have heard and learned about him through his CD's, cassests and books. It is a really bad day for our church. May His Soul rest in Peace

EJ said...

I couldn’t forget that great priest in my life. We have been keeping in touch for the last 6 years. He was really a saint.I don’t know how to express him. Because he loved me and cared me lot.No, he cared everybody in the same manner. When we talk with him, we can understand his respect and passion towards his spiritual father Mor Themthios Ya’kub and Mor Gregorious Perumbally. I think his first holy Eucharist was celebrated at the Thrikkothamngalam Bethlehem Church. Many of the MSOT students shared the feelings that they considered him as the role model. He never spoke anything against the factional fight in the church and he has a good respect to the priests and bishops of other side too. He never talked anything angry. He is always cool and calm. Anybody who met him and talked with him for 5 mins will share the same feeling.

I too remember that, he was against recording the Holy Qurbono, bcos he considered it as divine and mystery. Now he is not with us and we can do only one thing for him. Let’s pray for him in our daily prayers. Let’s hope that we can meet him at the shore of hope.

Zel bashlomo kohno daloho…..
Zel bashlomo a’bun thubono…..
Pithave santhosha manavarayil njangal angaye kanuvan idayakatte……….